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Mark Alonzo

People has different dimensional core of thoughts and ideas, when you write for a content dont just stick to one perspective view. Speak your mind by expressing your thoughts by having a draft first not all the time you can write for a better.
Gather information to others by reffering articles comparing yours and do read more because thats what the major ingredients behind succesful writers and bit challenge to moreover. The most advantage when reading other articles is just the once thoughts you have gathered it might be expanded at all. Readers SCAN for content and the Key is breaking up the content and using subheads.

The worst scenario is that having empty mind when writing meets failure for the expectations of the readers. However before posting you must organize your thoughts after doing drafts.

Professional bloggers says blogging is beyond writing. Excellent content is always the rule when publishing blog content to entire web. Most people focusing on driving traffic not much as their quality content. The fact that your letting people knows the visibility of your blog so do a mindset focus so readers will stay back and thats the most key aspect to keep readers in a medium. And you must think also the importance of being original in terms of a unique fresh content. Don't repeat others work because they might ignore all your post. It's tough to be original for some reason people might give a negative feedback or opinions the way you do. But try to think of it that negative comments can make us better to meet our goals. We learn what we got wrong and we incourage what peoples might say. So don't ignored the peoples feedback.

Think also the designs of your blog, the font, background, spacing or overall layout of your blog if it is mind relaxing to read because they might not continue reading your post because of some instance. Don't use dark background, the font size and style must be readable, put aside the existing ADS to a proper place, minimize the flash objects because it cause too heavy to display.



Article Posted by: Mark Alonzo

Most of us wanted to fast index our new post to any search engines usually Google the popular one. A way to index your blog post is a way you want readers to view and read your article or post. More relatively when we post for a news today or any update to some issues.
We cant command the bots to crawl to a web to find our post that rapid when we dont command bots to move too. Google has a bot called google bot. As default Google Bot crawls your post not that quick so we must be patience at all time. It takes 48 hours to crawl.

However we must apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize all our work. This is one of the SEO tips how to index fast our new post. Actually we cant command bots to move. Because they are moving 24/7 at all time. What im trying to relate is that find the best way to find the bots all your new post ahead of time. Bots are spiders in the web. Your articles are food by the spiders to consume. Web are those building sites, people, community or groups.

So how do spiders find your articles if you dont give oppurtunity to crawl if you dont give visibility to a web. Let the entire web know how good quality content the articles you have. By submitting your post to:

1. Digg - Submit the URL article
Usually bots love to crawl this site every second time. This is the easy way to get fast indexing.

2. EzineArticles and Goarticles - Submit the URL article
note: Dont just copy articles to others before you submit because the Author of your site will be banned and all your articles will be removed too. Respect the copyright content of others.

3. Technorati - submit the URL article

4. Google.com/Bookmarks - Submit the URL article
Create a Bookmark then also a New List. A list is a container of all your articles/post. Once you have created a PUBLIC LIST then move all your article to a public list.

5. Google.com/webmarstertools - Submit your sitemap Or use your Feeds as site map.

6. RSS feed Submission - submit your RSS feed or any feed format to any free Feed directory Submission
note: If you dont like manual submission of Feeds you can use this automatic FREE RSS feed Submission Software.  Submit RSS feeds to over 140+ directories

                                                 Automatic RSS Submit
7. Build Backlinks by Commenting (Forum, blogs/sites, or any Social Networking)

note: when you comment it must be meaningful and leave the link of your URL article when it regards to topic discussion. If you dont like manual submission of Backlinks you can use this free software. Submit backlinks to over 3,150 + sites, Maximum increase your blog site backlinks and Boost your Search Engine Visibility


8. Pingler and Pingomatic - Ping your sites so that search engine and reader notifies you have already updated your blog/site to be indexed.

You will be suprised your blog posts indexed as fast if you took efforts with these. Leave your blog busy for a couple of time then try to type your blog url on Google search box like

                               site: http://yourblogname.com  (all post)
                               or you can type the post title  (specific post)

Now its done. If you meet failure for fast indexing leave comment i'll be going to answer your queries. Thank you.


Article Posted by: Mark Alonzo

Aside from setting the number of post display in our homepage.There is also a way how to limit the number of post display in Label. Label commonly called Category in Wordpress.

You are writing about 200 post in different labels or categories.
So when we hit the label those post will probably display and it takes longer to display in your page and its boring to read all of them. In blogger only 20 post display limited to a Label. So we have once thought of this how to set limitation lower than 20 ?

Follow this step:

1. We already assume that you're already log-in to your dashboard
2. Go to Design > EDIT HTML
3. Check the "Expand Widget Templates"
4. Create a back-up of your template by pasting it your notepad editor
5. Find all this code or the occurrences.


6. Replace it with

                       expr:href=’data:label.url+”?max-result=6” ‘

note: "max-result=6" is the number of post display in your Label. So you can set the limitation in your own.

7.Save Template. Done

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